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Enterprise metadata for SOA -How should we implement it?

Mar 25, 2008 at 10:43 PM
One of the main advantages in the long-term of this project and the idea behind it is the possibility to merge both the technical and business worlds together. An enterprise-wide Service Catalog providing a centralized registry with different views of the services published within a company (and even those hosted on by 3rd parties) can be an excellent competitive advantage, reducing TTM of future software solutions, increasing ROI due to service reuse & composition and achieving faster development times.

This Service Catalog should provide information in different views or layers, for different kind of users: business analysts and development teams. This information includes not only technical aspects of the services (WSDL, Service Contracts, available endpoints), but also more business-related information, such as service business metadata, a global glossary for business terms and a clear taxonomy. SLAs, services fees and providers should be considered too.

The question we have here is on which tool should we relay in order to archieve all the above?

I have been thinking of wiki-based portal: This will give users a collaborative way for documenting each service. Business Analyst can relay on this clear, context-aware and easy-to-understand information in order the consider the adoption of a service in certain scenario. Certain aspects should be more structured in order to compatible with web standards. Users will be able to use a REST interface model for remote access, enabling them to consume metadata about services in a uniform way. All catalog entries and service attributes will be available using any feed reader. This initiative is like most social networking sites, but used inside company borders.

What do you think about the above? Am I missing something? Can you think of better alternatives? Have certain products/frameworks on mind that can cover this?
I will be really glad to hear your opinion!